Our Approach

Studio 247 Fine Jewelry is not your typical jewelry shopping experience. Modern day jewelry shopping is most often very disappointing with most jewelers offering the same styles and designs. The art of jewelry has been lost to mass production.

Unlike our competitors we design and create a vast array of our own jewelry. We start with seeking out the finest Natural diamonds and gemstones from around the globe. After acquisition is when the fun begins, the design process. The design process takes into account many factors besides the aesthetic appeal of the piece. We look at other important aspects that are often overlooked; such as wearability and durability and craft the piece in the appropriate precious metal. Choosing from platinum, palladium, 18 or 14 karat yellow or white gold, and sterling silver.

The most crucial and compelling reason to shop with us is simply our knowledge and obliging staff. You simply won’t find another store with the experience of our Gemologist and owner Craig Slavens. After Craig received his Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America in 1990 he was hired at GIA to grade diamonds in the their laboratories. He spent the next 10 years grading diamonds. From there he went to work for a world renowned jeweler and manufacturer in Beverly Hills California. His experience is what sets us apart. Every piece we make for our store is created utilizing specialty master craftsman in our workshops in California with as many as five different artisans working on any one piece as outlined below.

Crafting Steps:

  1. gemstone acquisition

  2. design process (hand sketch or a computer aided design)

  3. goldsmith turns design into precious metal

  4. stone setter sets the gemstones

  5. jewelry polisher

  6. hand engraver (if an intricate style is desired)

In addition to creating pieces for our store stock our forte is working with you to create a custom piece with world class quality to enjoy for generations.