At Studio 247 our fine jewelry is crafted, one at a time, utilizing the art of old-world hand fabrication or ultra modern state of the art computer aided design technology. Each piece is comprised of only the finest precious metals skillfully fabricated by no fewer than at least three master craftsman. Our approach is a departure from any retail jeweler you are likely to encounter in Wisconsin let alone the rest of the country. We employ a team of master craftsmen in our workshops in California with specialized artisans that are masters of a specific discipline. These disciplines include precious metal fabrication, micro-pave setting, hand engraving, polishing, casting, etc. This is a huge departure from other jewelers who generally utilize an in-store bench jeweler, a single individual who must be a “jack of all trades”; a goldsmith, setter, engraver and polisher. The best analogy is we all have a general practitioner physician who is cable of diagnosing and treating our common ailments, however we wouldn’t seek them out to perform brain surgery. The in-store bench jeweler is a viable option for basic repairs and jewelry manufacturing but simply cannot produce the world class jewelry we offer using our specialized artisans. We invite you to come see for yourself our exacting standards of design and craftsmanship. The result is a collection unmatched in quality, value and style..