Bare Diamond

Bare Diamond was created by a trust of second-generation jewelers who felt it was important to offer an alternative to the environmental and human devastation that carving diamonds from the Earth wreaks. Wanting to create a diamond with a transparent pedigree they set about to find a solution.

Each Bare Diamond starts with a tiny diamond seed as thin as a human hair that is then planted in a vacuum chamber and heated to more than 2000 degrees with pressure fifty times greater than the earth’s atmosphere imitating the force of a mountain.

More than one million pounds of earth are displaced to create a single carat stone in the earth. The environmental and human devastation that comes with this antiquated practice are too high of a price to pay. Bare Diamonds are beautiful in every way with all of their integrity intact. Ethically sourced, indistinguishable from mined diamonds, ecologically progressive Bare Diamonds are the next generation of diamond.

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